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Dear Ed

Since Columnist Kooky Suprin is in the mood looking for lost and “sunken” ships in the desert (RV Journal Spring 2001) how about sending him to track down the two steamboats that traversed the once full Owens Lake in the Eastern Sierras. The boats existence in the late 1800s is well documented but I’ve never read a mention as to what happened to them. And, unlike the ship Kooky’s after, which sailed up the Colorado in the 1500s, how would two large vessels have gotten across the Mojave Desert to Owens Lake?

Just wonderin’?
-Ken Harrison,
Cardiff by the Sea

Dear Ken

You’re right, there was a steamer or two on Owens Lake, which, of course, aren’t there anymore … both the steamers and the lake!

I could come up with a wild and unsubstantiated story regarding your suggestion. But, instead I’m going to do some extensive research including a visit to the area and will give everyone a full “documented” report in the next issue.

So stay tuned.


Here we go again, off on another expedition exposing some of the wild stories of the Southwest. I also understand that a ghost town, owned by a lady, exists up in the mountains near Owens Lake. I bet there are some stories that Kooky can dig up as well! –Ed

DRSB ! Bisbee ! Elvis !!

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