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Since your story about the Spanish Galleon somewhere in the desert sands has caused so much interest I’ve taken it upon myself to search out the ship and report my findings exclusively to the RV Journal! From the mid 1800's to today reports of a stranded sailing ship buried deep in the sand, far from water in California's desert have not been uncommon. And to make the story more interesting the ship is reportedly filled with pearls.

Some historians suggest that a 1500’s tall ship could have found it's way into the Salton Basin where, reportedly, it now rests buried. Changing Colorado River routes may have made it feasible to navigate through the Sea of Cortez, up a portion of the Colorado River, and into Lake Cahuilla that existed some 300 to 500 years ago just south of Palm Springs. At one time, several thousand years ago, Lake Cahuilla extended to the west end of the Coachella Valley, completely covering the area where Palm Springs is located.

So with that in mind and armed with maps, a compass, and a sand sifter (actually my wife's flower sifter) I set out on a quest to find the ship and prove once and for all its existence, or not!

After wandering about for many days, climbing dunes, digging and sifting for clues through sand, spending nights under the desert sky, and having to bear the skepticism of my witty friends I can only report: no ship yet… Though, early one morning I’m sure I saw a big hairy manlike creature carrying what looked like a ships plank amble through the campground. This creature was at least 10’ tall and it left tremendously large footprints…but alas, they were in the sand and filled in. And, then there was that time late one night when I saw strange lights hovering overhead.

But the search continues! And I’m going to obtain one of those metal detectors that people use to find treasures underground. Who knows, it might detect the ship’s anchor or a canon. So if a fellow mumbling something about a sailing ship in the desert and a mean magazine editor that makes him look for it, wanders through your campsite at The Slabs, don’t worry it’s just me, on assignment . . .for the RV Journal.

“Kooky” Suprin

Editor’s Note: It’s also rumored that students from an archaeological class at a university in northern California are preparing to join the search. Next thing we will hear is that a souvenir stand will appear selling “Lost Spanish Galleon” treasure maps.

DRSB ! Bisbee ! Elvis !!

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