PegLeg Smith mentioned in DRSBs (transcribed)

Major pieces:

  • Pegleg Smith the Horse Rustler - a biographical note by William Caruthers
  • More about Pegleg Smith - a biographical note from W.T. Russell of Grass Valley
  • Where Is Pegleg Smiths Lost Mine? - a long article from the Los Angeles Herald

    Minor mentions:

  • Two Lost Pegleg Mines, Two Pegleg Smiths, so Howard D. Clark tells us in his new book "Lost Mines of the Old West." (Ghost Town Press 50¢.) He doesn't tell if they each lost the same leg, but it's a good book.

  • from OLD FORT OLIVER: Twenty years ago, I planted 60 weathered wooden peg legs in likely spots to keep the famous Peg Leg Smith Lost Gold Legend on the front pages of the newspapers of the Southwest.

  • from DESERT MAGAZINE: On display in the Desert office is an 18 "karrot" gold nugget from Lost Pegleg Mine No.999. The nugget looks and feels suspiciously like the replica of an ordinary bunch of carrots (18 of them) done in plaster paris and then lacquered with a few coats of that gold paint you buy in the store.

     Gold is where you find it! - click for full image

    Treasure Map

    Gold is where you find it. Peg Leg Smith's fabulous lost treasure is still somewhere on this map -- just follow the trail of wooden peg legs. Details to follow.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the Desert Rat Scrap Book archive. And as I transcribe more DRSBs and do a bit more research, this page will grow and grow and grow and...

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